World -A temporary guest house for Sufi (Dervish)


“When, at the time of creation, God separated me from Himself,

I heard Him say: “Am I not your God?”

 “Indeed you are,” cried my soul, reassured.

Since then has my heart flowered. With the inner urge to return Home,

giving me not a moment of calm here on earth.

May doom strike this world! It robs souls on their way to God.

The world has never accepted his lovers; They are persecuted 

and left to cry in pain.”

-Sultan Bahu

The very face of this Sufi (Dervish) tells an unheard and unseen story of pain and detachment. When a kid falls down, he looks up to his mother with hopeful eyes that she may pick him up and cuddle. He looks upwards towards the sky, which is his final destination just like the Prophets who looked upwards, with yearning in their hearts. His purpose of life and his ultimate desire is to meet his Beloved (God). His destination is God. He wants nothing in this world than death to get assimilated into the Divine tangle of heaven where there will be meeting or “Visaal” (Union) of a lover and Beloved.

His eyes are on his path only, the path which is full of stones, hurdles and hardships. The world is a torture cell for him as he is lost in the remembrance of an “Unseen Entity” which captures the heart, not sight. He doesn’t say for once that ‘oh my path is so difficult’. While walking, he doesn’t care that his feet are wounded, or his clothes are thin. He continues his journey never distracting for once because he sees his destination is coming closer and closer. He knows that: 

“Whether one moves slowly or with speed, the one who is a seeker, will be a finder.” – Rumi

There’s tiredness on his face, but not for once he has looked down. When people get tired, they leave or stop struggling, but he is still looking upwards although his facial expressions tell us that he is broken out of tiredness, but still a light of hope can be seen in his eyes. Apparently, it seems that time’s ruthlessness has crumbled him, his heart has been broken many times, but because his Beloved is his aim, and his passion is alive, that’s why he remains steadfast on his journey.

There are some people behind him, who are walking on the same physical, but different spiritual path. They are on their own way, talking and gossiping. They don’t worry about what will be their final destination. But look at this man’s eyes, his eyes tell a different story of hardships, struggle, hope, heart-breaks, defeat and then passion. Other people’s focus is different than him. Their focus is on their appearance. To wear warm clothes and shoes because its cold out there and that they should ‘look’ nice. But a Sufi knows that God doesn’t care about your looks. He looks what is inside the heart. He says:

“Show me your hand. Do they have scars from giving? Show me your feet. Are they wounded in service? Show me your heart, have you left a place for Divine love?” –Rumi 

And look, he is ahead of all.

A Dervish soul finds no shelter in this mortal world. They have no one but their Beloved God. That’s why they wander in this world like a separated child who is being detached from his mother. The world doesn’t accept its lovers, they are persecuted and left to cry in pain. That is why they find a Beloved who loves them back, who soothes their soul, consoles their heart and would never ever leave them, will never break their heart.

“The wailing of broken hearts is the doorway to God.” –Rumi

 I say, whenever your heart gets broken, take it back to the One who created it. He mends it, remakes it, and makes it stronger than before. A Sufi’s soul wants liberation from the worldly desires thus abolishes his ‘self’ or ‘ego’. He detaches himself from the avaricious world and there remains only the soul. The body has its desires, greediness, wishes, lust, but ‘Soul’ has no greed. It’s totally pure and free from any materialistic desire because:

“How can the heart travel to God, when it’s chained by its desires?” – (Ibn’ Arabi)

 His soul is awakened, unlike common man. Soul’s awakening is when a person realizes “Who am I?” What is the purpose of my creation?

 (Dervish: Origin: Persian. Meaning: “Dar” means door, “vesh” means inner self.  Dervish means the one who explores his inner self and purifies it from ego and worldly desires. “The one who knows his self, knows his Lord.” -Hadith “He has succeeded who purifies his Nafs/self.”-Quran Dervish in Islam can refer to members of a Sufi fraternity (tariqah). Their focus is on the universal values of love and service, deserting the illusions of ego to reach God.)


The lifestyle of a Sufi is very different from common people. Because he has a deep consciousness about his soul and this mortal world. He lives like a visitor on the earth because he knows that he doesn’t belong here. As Rumi says:

“You don’t live on the earth; you are passing through.” 

A Sufi is an Enlighted being who sees the world from a different angle.

“A tourist visited a Sufi. He was astonished to see that Sufi’s

 home was a simple room. The only furniture was a mat and

 a kerosene lamp. Tourist: “Sufi, where’s your furniture?” 

 Sufi: “Where’s yours?” Tourist: “Mine? 

But I am only a visitor here.”  Sufi: “So am I.”

He has this realization of what was his rank before coming into this mortal world. They were nearest to God. That’s why they wander in pain in this world, longing for the ‘Visaal’ (Union) with the One whom they love.  And a time comes in Sufi’s journey when he realizes that his Beloved is closer to him than his Jugular Vein’.(Quran 50:16) He starts whirling in love of Divine and feels the Beloved everywhere.

“If you are asking, If I love you. The answer is I do! The minute I 

heard my first love story… I started looking for you. 

Not knowing, how blind I was! Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They are in each other, all along.” –Rumi

He says that my hands are holding perishable items and my soul is holding a perishable body. Oh Great God, when will you free me from this world and reunite my soul with yours. His feet are tired but his soul is at rest. He knows he doesn’t belong here, misses his origins. But then he draws on his inner strength. He knows that he must surrender to the vicissitudes of life over which he has no control. Acknowledging his powerlessness; he empowers his deepest core, lights up the Divinity within, and walks on with fortitude. 

Another different thing about Dervishes is that they don’t have any fear of Death. They know to whom they belong and after death, who will they meet. They long to unite with their Beloved. All their life, they pray: 

“My heavenly soul, who only nests in the heights, is tired of its house on earth. It wants to abandon the body.

It wants to take the final flight.”  -Rumi

And then the time of Visaal comes;

“A word came from the sky to Soul: “It’s time. Come back.” 

Soul answered, “Greetings, O Beauty who invites me. I’m coming.”  


I have no words, I have no pen, I have no epicentre to describe what a Dervish feels for God, his one and only Beloved. It’s a limitless topic. Sufism is a mystery. The more we explore it, the more we get lost into it.


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