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When I was young, this second negative self of mine, was silent. It didn’t speak. I did mistakes, I realized, I got deceived by friends, but this self remained silent. As if it was there, sitting silently for a purpose. Now whenever someone helps me, or asks for help, or a favour, or a hand of friendship comes before me, this second self of me gives a signal. Hints a warning. That “beware”. It can be a knife behind the friendship hand. A trapping plan behind a favor, and a net in the guise of help. Then where was it when I was in my younger years doing mistakes and being wounded?

Now when I contemplate, it was still taking birth, in the womb of my experiences. And that is why it is so negative. But see the wrinkles on her face. They depict the worth of its warnings. That this second self of mine is old enough to catch the negative signals, so that I can step back.


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